X-Porous TTA technique for stabilization of the CCL-deficient stifle in the dog

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What is it about?

Why is it important?


X-Porous TTA is a variant of the conventional tibial tuberosity advancement for the treatment of the cruciate-deficient stifle in the dog. Although the basic principles are the same, the technique presents some peculiarities. The most important specific feature is represented by the use of a single screw on the tibial side of the plate. The tibial screw will function as a hinge, allowing the tibial crest to exert cyclic compression on the tibial metaphysis during weight-bearing. This compression stimulates the bone callus and the 3D structure of the wedge facilitates its extension through the opening of the osteotomy.

The healing time of the osteotomy gap is usually reduced thanks to the osteoinduction and osteoconduction capabilities of the technique. Furthermore, the implants can be adapted to the anatomy of the patient, avoiding potentially dangerous osteotomies.

The goal of this project is the develop and establish a safe and effective surgical technique for the treatment of the cruciate-deficient stifle in the dog for the benefit of the patients.
At the same time, the objective is to provide education to the surgeons that will allow them to achieve the best possible results in the clinical application of the technique.