The technique presented in this manual is devoted to joint stabilization of the stifle with rupture of cranial cruciate ligament. The technique should be erformed by a licensed surgeon, trained in the specific use of the instruments and implants described in this manual.
Any use different from the proposed one is under the user's sole responsibility.

It is mandatory that the user of the technique read this manual before performing it on clinical patients.
For any doubt regarding the indications in the manual, you can write to:


The size of the plate 7SL is in the middle between the 7S and the 8S, and it has some peculiar features:

  • Its thickness is 1.5 mm as the 8 series.

  • The size of the arm on the crest is the same as that of the 7 series.

  • The plate is longer than the 7L and has an angle of 150° as the 8, to put the tibial screw more distally than the end of the osteotomy.

  • This will allow to put the most proximal screw of the crest more proximally than the insertion of the patellar tendon. The proximal locked screw will act like a hook and will protect the tibial tuberosity from fractures.

  • The two holes in the tibial arm don't function for inserting two screws, instead they are meant for giving to the surgeons two options in order to better select the best position for the tibial screw.

The plate 7SL is to be used in the same size of patient where right now the 7L would be selected, but applying the new philosophy of the first screw more proximal than the insertion of the patellar tendon.

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