4, 7 & 8 plate series
The 4, 7 and 8 plate series with two or three holes for the
crest screws and one or two for the tibial screw.

Plates are made of titanium. Nine sizes are available divided in three groups according to
their width: 4, 7 or 8 mm, and are curved to allow better adjustment to the tibial
Two or three holes for insertion of screws in the tibial crest are present in the proximal
part, while one or two holes for screw insertion in the tibia are available in the distal part.
The screws on the crest can be unlocked or locked, depending on the surgeon's
preference and on the requirements of the specific procedure. The screw on the tibia is
always cortical to allow its hinge function during weight bearing.

Use of the locked plates in the X-Porous TTA procedure


Detail of the locked version of the plate.

The new locked plates significantly increase the stability of the tibial crest for X-Porous TTA procedure.

The peculiarity of the plate is maintained as the plate, despite being blocked, always acts as a tension-band thanks to the single tibial screw. Although there are two holes on the tibial side, their purpose is to give to the surgeon the opportunity to choose the best position, and they must not be used to insert two screws, which would substantially change the biomechanics of the technique.

The holes on the tibial crest of the plate can indifferently accommodate 2.0 - 2.4 and 2.7 mm screws, allowing the correct size for the specific size of the crest not only by evaluating its overall size, but also the specific insertion area .

The plate ensures greater resistance to the translation forces that are applied on the crest, ensuring its stability even when its distal integrity is not maintained.