Preoperative measurements

Using digital radiography

  • Take the X-ray projection with the extended stifle

  • Use a radiographic reference (blue circle) to adjust for radiographic magnification

  • Measuring the advancement of the crest

  • Standard tibial plateau technique

  • Draw the line for the tibial plateau (1)

  • Draw the orthognal to (1) starting at the origin of the patellar tendon (PT) on the patella (2)

  • Measure the distance (3) between the insertion of the PT on the tibial tuberosity (TT) and (2)

  • Move the measurement (2) to the distal top of ​​the tibial crest.

  • Draw the circle (4) whose radius is the measure (2)

  • Measure the TPA (= Tibial Plateau Angle) 

  • In patients with high TPA it is better to use locked plates.

  • Draw the position and direction of the osteotomy

  • Mark a point immediately cranial to the tubercle of Gerdi (1)

  • Measure the thickness of the tibial cranial cortex taking a point twice the length of the tibial crest starting from the TT (2)

  • Draw the line joining the point (1) with the midpoint of the arc of circumference (4) superimposed on the tibia

  • Additional measures

  • Measure the distance between the ALL and the cranial point (1) at the Gerdi tubercle